Insights into Sindhi History, Culture and People.

THE SINDHIAN may not be a new concept in journalism, but it certainly is a unique one. It's a judiciously thought out attempt at presenting a community which has relentlessly gone about creating a special niche for itself against all odds.

THE SINDHIAN provides an effective platform for Sindhis scattered the world over to connect with one other and initiate a Constructive process of interaction. It also attempts at reflecting on the rich heritage of a community dragged out of its moorings and thrown helter skelter by repeated upheavals of history. It traces the roots of a resilient clan of people who have come back from the brink, time and again, to play a decisive - often path-breaking, role in the shaping of the economic and cultural milieu of the country.

Who are these achievers and path-breakers ? Where have they come from ? How did they manage to go far and wide ? How did they strike roots on alien soil merge in conflicting cultures without losing their basic identity ? What do they stand for and how did they achieve what they have?

THE SINDHIAN endeavours to answer these and many more pertinent questions pertaining to a highly industrious community gifted with a die-hard spirit of adventure.

THE SINDHIAN delves into the life and times of the Sindhis on the move and highlights the role played by each of them in fields ranging from science and education to management and creative arts, not just in India but the world over. And provide an effective medium of communication between Sindhis separated by geographical barriers.

In fine, THE SINDHIAN reachs out to Sindhis the world over... to strike a common chord among Sindhis of all hues and calling....